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Colin Dickerman was building a house in Glen Spey’s Black Forest Colony. On May 14th, 2014, the house was destroyed by a suspicious fire and the resulting investigation was inconclusive.  After Colin made the difficult decision to rebuild, the house was destroyed, for a second time, on the night of February 1, 2015, when it was once again burned to the ground.


Colin has long-term roots in western Sullivan County, having purchased and renovated a house here fifteen years ago. He and his partner, Peter, have a deep commitment to this area. The house that Colin was building in the Black Forest was to be his permanent future residence.

The fires that destroyed Colin’s home have been deemed highly suspicious by police and fire investigators. Take a moment and try to imagine how it would feel if this happened to you.  Twice.  The loss has been emotionally devastating to Colin and Peter. They have never in their many years here felt unsafe, but they now fear that the burning of their home was a focused and personal attack on them. It has also been financially devastating. Worse still is the loss of their peace of mind, sense of safety, and dreams of living in the Black Forest Colony.

Colin grew up in a small town in rural Vermont. He then moved to New York and has spent the last twenty-three years working as a book editor. The beauty, peacefulness, and openness of this area reminded him of his childhood home in Vermont, and he was convinced that here was a place he could live for the rest of his life.

As friends, neighbors, and family of Colin and Peter, we want you to know this was not a victimless crime. These two fires caused the loss of Colin's life savings, twice destroyed the home he had hoped to live in forever, changed his view of the community, and left him and Peter heartbroken.

Together, we are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the person or people responsible for the fires. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the State Police in Liberty at 845-292-6600 and ask for Senior Investigator Jan Golding or Investigator Kurt Labuda.  All calls will be kept confidential.

Justice does not always happen on its own. As members of this community, we must take care of one another. We must get involved. We must do what is right.

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The mission of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Catskills (GALA) is to harness the resources of the GLBT community and the good will of its friends and supporters in the region to engage in an array of philanthropic activities that include public information, cultural support, fund raising, and grant making to other non-profit and community organizations




The Board of GALA Catskills:
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The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Catskills evolved from the Day to be Gay Foundation which continues to be the registered 501 (c) 3 not for profit umbrella organization for GALA Catskills.

The mission of GALA Catskills to is to harness the resources of the GLBT community as well as the good will of their friends and supporter in the region to pursue an array of philanthropic activities that include: public information, cultural support, fundraising and grant making to other non profits.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Catskills/Day to Be Gay Foundation

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